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We teach robots to work among people and for people, greatly increasing human capabilities

In our work, we are guided by the principles of ethics, in order to solve the problems of society and develop artificial intelligence technologies. All of our projects are under an NDA.

Employees are our main value. We try our best so that our specialists can develop and enjoy their work. We are ready to cooperate with candidates, regardless of their age and location. Careers
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Analysis a large amount of data, searching for cause-and-effect relationships, patterns and forming conclusions. Assistance in automation of routine processes and finding solutions to the most complex tasks.

It is used in speech, gestures, image recognition, and also in diagnostics, prediction, classification and much more.

Building algorithms to get results without following stringently established rules. Machine learning allows us to draw conclusions and find relationships, predict the result, remember it, choose the best option, and recreate the process if necessary.

It is used in speech, gestures, image recognition, and also in diagnostics, prediction, classification and much more.

Machine learning method; identifying input elements and building their possible relationship in multilayer neural networks to predict the result.

A mathematical model, as well as its software or hardware implementation,which is based on the principle of arrangement and functioning of human brain cells.

It is a system of connected and interacting simple processors (artificial neurons), capable of self-learning and improving using their experience. Neural networks are used to recognize images, speech, videos, and also to create new products, for example, poetry or pictures.

Computer vision and image processing technology, which consists in the detection of objects of certain classes in digital images and videos. Object detection consists in determining the boundaries of an object in a digital image or video.

The field of artificial intelligence associated with the analysis of images and videos.

Computer vision is a set of methods that give the computer the ability to extract, identify and classify information (photos, pictures, videos, barcodes, as well as faces and emotions)

This is a complex multi-variant algorithm capable of perceiving information in a form accessible to a person - in a dialogue. In communicating with a person, the bot processes the received lexical data, forming logically correct answers.

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